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A Fabulous Treatment to Ease Tension


Wow. What a treatment! Yesterday, I got to experience the most amazing, relaxing and warming massage, the Kokolokahi Lava Shell Massage.

Heather, my therapist collected me from the waiting area and led me into her treatment room. The room smelt heavenly and when I sat on the couch, I noticed that it was lovely and warm. I couldn’t wait for the treatment to start! Heather made me feel ever-so comfortable and thoroughly at ease. She asked if I had any concerns and talked me through the treatment. I then got to choose my oil. Heather lifted the lid on the kokolakahi bottles one by one (there are 5 of them in total) Immediately, one stood out.

Once I chosen my oil, Heather warmed it in the cabbie before leaving me to get myself settled on the warm couch. I got undressed and laid on the lovely warm bed underneath the soft, fluffy towels. (I thought I was going to drift off already!!)

To begin the treatment, Heather applied the oil to my décolleté and shoulders and got me to inhale the beautiful aromas. On every exhale, she pushed down onto my shoulders and I could feel all of my stresses melting away.

The massage began on the front of the body, first my arms and then my legs. The heat of the shells was absolutely divine, and with every movement I could feel myself becoming more relaxed and stress-free. Heather explained that the heat of the lava shells helps the medium-pressure massage movements to penetrate deeper into the muscles, giving you the effects of a deep massage but without the pain!

Once Heather finished on the front of my body, she asked me to turn over so she could begin massaging the back of my body. The treatment couch was so comfy, by this point I felt myself really drifting off. The back of my legs were massaged This was great as I hold a lot of tension in my legs due to my hypermobility, so the heat of the shells were soothing the muscles whilst releasing the tension.

In some areas, Heather used different sides of the shell alongside her hands to work out any tension within my muscles. (I get very knotty, especially in my shoulders!) The heat of the shells felt amazing on my back as it is so tense! I could feel the shells really easing my muscles, it literally felt like the tension was unwinding with every stroke!
Once the massage was over, I really didn’t want to get up off the lovely couch! I felt so relaxed and my body felt refreshed. This is exactly what I wanted from my treatment! Why not give it a go and feel the effects of Lava Shell for yourself?


Laura x

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