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A Pampering Treat for Your Feet – Just in Time for Summer!


The summer holiday season has arrived, but don’t worry because Eden Hall has got the perfect treatment for you… The fabulous Jessica Deluxe Pedicure! Give your feet the TLC they’ve been missing over the winter months!

Pedicures are my favourite treatment. I love having my feet pampered. I checked in at therapy reception, and was asked to choose my nail colour. This was the hardest decision of the day (other than choosing which dessert to have at lunch!)

My therapist Lisa collected me from the waiting area and took me down to the beautiful pedicure suite. The seat looked incredible and so comfortable, to then be told it’s a massage chair as well… what a treat!

I was sat on the lovely chair and Lisa showed me how to work the massage remote and got me a glass of water. She explained everything that would happen in today’s treatment, I couldn’t wait for it to get started. This treatment begins with the removal of the dry hard skin with a foot rasp; this is then followed by an electrical rasp to smooth off the area she had worked on. (I could already feel the difference!) An exfoliator was then applied to the foot and lower leg; I could instantly feel the microdermabrasion working and the lemongrass scent was gorgeous! It’s unbelievable how amazing your feet look just after an exfoliation!

A light silk foot lotion was applied; the scent within this is also lemongrass, which makes you feel fresh but instantly relaxed! Lisa then slipped some heated booties on to my feet. WOW! What a beautiful sensation! The glorious heat from the booties helps the lotion to absorb deeper into the skin, this was such a treat and felt divine! I was then left to relax whilst the booties & massage chair worked their magic. –complete bliss!

Once the booties were removed, I was treated to a delightful foot and lower leg massage. This helped to release any tiredness and tension and helped the excess product massage its way into the skin. After the massage, Lisa began my cuticle & nail work. She then applied a remedial base coat for my nail type, and followed with my chosen colour. Once this was done, a top coat was applied and wow! My nails are so eye catching and are painted perfectly!

The heel repair cream was applied last and a refreshing mist was spritzed over my feet and legs to leave them feeling cool and revitalised. My feet feel well and truly pampered, like I’m floating on air! I’m so pleased with how they look and cannot wait to book in again!

Why not start your holidays off with this must-have treatment?

Nicole x

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