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April 2015’s Fabulous Treatment of The Month…


Louise Loves

We are always looking for something new and exciting here at Eden, so when we were introduced to this fantastic new foot treatment we jumped at the chance to try it – a miracle treatment that will completely get rid of your hard skin….? Perfect, let’s try it!

April 2015’s Treatment of the month – B-Line Foot Smoothie

A brief history of the brand

B-Line are a local company from Grantham. Its founder Annette still has a very hands on approach and is incredibly passionate about the brand and all it stands for. B-line was founded in 1989 and was the first in the UK to produce a dedicated range based on Tea Tree & Lavender. The decision not to use colourings puts them in a unique position as a specialist treatment brand. All B-line products are designed to pamper and protect which I found out when I had the treatment.

My Foot Smoothie started with the lovely tea-tree and Lavender Foot Spray, my feet were then placed in a hot foot bath which just smelt heavenly, I was already floating away. Clare my therapist asked me if I had any specific concerns with my feet, I explained the hard skin around my heels does get bad especially in the summer months.


After my footbath, my feet were individually pampered. Whilst one was being treated, the other was lovingly wrapped in a towel like booty. The magic product is sprayed on the feet – B-Line Erase Spray, which is a highly effective spray for hard, dry, cracked & calloused heels (mine were not that bad I promise). They were buffed with B-Lines specially designed foot rasp. I could not believe my eyes – the amount of hard skin Clare removed was amazing! I was then treated to a fabulous foot massage using the Feet Treat homecare product – this really helps with any dry skin conditions and felt gorgeous.  My treatment finished with the application of Heel Appeal which Clare explained would be great for me to use at home.  As mentioned at the beginning of my treatment, I do suffer with hard skin in the summer months and this Foot Smoothie was the perfect solution for summer ready feet. I could not believe the difference in my feet after this treatment – they felt really clean & fresh and of course not a bit of hard skin in sight. I didn’t want to put my shoes back on!

If you do suffer with hard, dry, cracked heels or just need your feet ready for sandals in the summer months to come, make sure you treat yourself to one these fabulously pampering foot treatments.

25 minute treatment time and only £26.00. I have booked my next one already. 

You do not have to be a day guest at Eden to enjoy the Foot Smoothie treatment, you can pop in and pamper your feet at our SpaShop. Phone for more information or just call in to main reception for all of the details.

Also as an extra treat for April can book this treatment at a special introductory price of £20.00.

We all know men have less attractive feet than us ladies, and we know that they generally do not look after them as well as we do, so I invited my farming friend Andy in to try our new Foot Smoothie…


‘I have to be honest, when Louise invited me to come to Eden Hall and experience ‘a treatment that would sort out my foot issues’ I firstly thought cheese grater! My feet are not a pretty sight, they’re not as bad as they have been but all the same, would a therapist really want to touch them?

foot before

I spend 360 days a year in wellies as I work on a farm and although my feet are protected from the wet, they are not protected from the cold of winter or the warmth of the summer.

My therapist Chloe explained the treatment to me and what kind of results we could expect to see. I explained to Chloe that I do have ticklish feet so this treatment was going to be interesting.

I experienced the Foot Smoothie in the pedicure room so as a bonus I did get to sit in a massage chair (I’d sit in that chair all day if I could, it really worked on some of my knots!). The treatment commenced with a foot soak before Chloe started working on my right foot. She used an Erase spray which helps soften the skin and made it easier to remove (there was a lot to remove and with the dead skin being so thick, I couldn’t feel the foot rasp being used). A foot emulsion was massaged into my foot (this did tickle) before heel appeal was applied. Chloe did advise that this was a great product to apply before bed and then sleep in socks – the product will work whilst I sleep – good idea but will I get round to doing it?  My foot was then wrapped in a towel and Chloe gave some attention to my left foot.

My feet are so much better, Chloe advised that another treatment would be best as she didn’t want to over rasp and make my feet sore, alternatively, I could use a foot rasp at home. Will I maintain at home? Probably not but I will be going back to have another treatment!’

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