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A Blissful Hour with a Bewitching Facial


I was intrigued by the name ‘bewitching’, what lotions and potions will be used in this Halloween inspired facial?

This was 55 Minutes of pure relaxation with a therapist working her magic on my face. Wow, I loved this treatment. The products used smelt divine and they definitely worked did the trick. The only spooky bit about this treatment was the beginning where I looked at myself in the mirror without any makeup on – yikes!

My therapist Lauren, was very welcoming, and made me feel comfortable as I relaxed on the therapy bed. She explained the layout of the treatment and asked me about my skin concerns. I summed it up in three words – dull, tired and dehydrated. Lauren told me that this would be the perfect facial for my skins needs.

Face up and snuggled under a blanket on the couch, Lauren did a full facial cleanse and removed the products with hot mitts. She then toned my skin leaving it fresh and clean. A gel was then massaged into my face, neck and décolleté and Lauren performed a lovely massage with just the right pressure… I started feel myself drop off!

The exfoliator used smelt really nice and as it was worked into the skin I could feel it making a difference. Once removed, my skin felt so light and refreshed.

Lauren mixed up a mask which she applied all over the face and down my neck. At first this was cold but once it started to set it got slightly warm and I could feel it tightening. My therapist said that this would help to brighten up my dull complexion and add hydration. Whilst this mask was setting, my arms were exfoliated and then massaged- which was very nice. You don’t actually realise how much tension you have in your hands and arms until it’s gone.

Feeling the mask being peeled made my face tingling. Once removed, my skin felt amazing, I could just tell I was glowing and would be full of radiance. As the magic of this treatment drew to an end, Lauren applied a cream round my eyes, a serum and a lovely moisturiser.

I was once again asked to look at myself in the mirror. I was surprised at how well my skin looked. My complexion didn’t look dull anymore, I could believe the difference 55 minutes could make.

Thank you Lauren for a wonderful treatment.

This treatment is part of the Bewitching Beauty Spa Day available exclusively at Eden Hall


Paige x

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