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Dancing for Life


I started dancing when I was just 3 years old. I loved every second of it and went on to train professionally when I was 18. My passion was commercial dance and performing on stage. Having trained for such a long time I can confirm the benefits of dance are huge to both body and mind.

Dance has a huge impact on the body; it increases flexibility, coordination and fitness levels, along with improving body shape and tone. It also releases the “feel good” hormone, reduces stress and anxiety, promoting happiness and euphoria. What’s not to love!

On Saturday 28th July, I will be leading Eden Hall guests in a morning of dance to celebrate National Dance Day.
Classes will be:
Ballet Stretch: As well as increasing muscular flexibility it also alters the shape and tone of all major muscle groups and improves posture and balance. You just have to look at a ballerina’s body to see the benefits.

Jive Fusion: A fantastic feel good class, increases your fitness levels, burn’s lots of calories and gives you rhythm (even if you move to your own beat)

What’s better that a massive dance party to leave you feeling energised and upbeat as well as improving your fitness levels without even realising because you’re having too much fun. Plus you get to use glow sticks and it’s in the dark so who cares if you go the wrong way!

See you on the dancefloor!

Katie x

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