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DIY Facials


A Little Bit of Spa at Home 

What better time to make your own DIY facial treatments than over the festive season? It’s the time of year when everybody loves to get creative. Christmas is the time for present wrapping, cooking preparation and seeing your loved ones… which doesn’t leave time for
much else!

Our list of simple DIY facials will allow you to rejuvenate your skin, which is essential in the colder weather, whilst still being able to run festive errands around your home.

1. The Skin‐Restorer
Each day, the skin becomes exposed to a number of environmental pollutants. This causes skin conditions that range from dryness to inflammation and acne; so it’s no wonder our skin needs extra care in the winter months.
Coconut oil is an all‐natural ingredient that’s used widely for its health boosting properties; both inside and outside the body. Acting as an intense moisturiser, it gives an instant glowing appearance to the skin whilst providing long‐lasting softness. A natural antibacterial, this product is also great for naturally treating acne‐related problems.
Oats, similarly, are known for their soothing and softening properties – and when combined with coconut oil, provide an anti‐inflammatory yet softening relief to the skin.

To begin…
• A drop of tea tree oil
• A bowl of warm water

Begin by steaming your face to open up the pores (ensure your face is thoroughly cleansed before you steam). Firstly, boil two cups of water and transfer to a glass bowl. Pour in 2‐3 drops of tea tree oil – its anti‐inflammatory benefits are the perfect accompaniment to this treatment.
Following this, place a towel over your head and inhale the steam from the bowl (don’t get too close, and be careful not to burn yourself). After 5‐10 minutes, splash your face with cold water and pat dry.

To make the facial treatment, you’ll need:
• ¼ cup warm water
• 1 tbsp coconut oil
• 3 tablespoons rolled oats

Firstly, stir the coconut oil into the warm water and stir until melted. Follow this by stirring in the oats, and keep mixing until a paste has been formed. Using a brush (or your fingers), evenly apply it to your face and leave for fifteen minutes. Before rinsing, gently massage
into the skin for a light exfoliating effect.

2. The Fatigue‐Fighter
At this time of year, it’s inevitable that the skin isn’t going to be at its brightest due to lack of sunlight (unless you’ve been on holiday, of course!). A fatigue‐fighting and brightening face mask could be the perfect solution to give a much‐needed boost to tired, dull skin.

First things first…
Ensure your skin is fully cleansed. An optional but nevertheless luxurious start to this treatment is, of course, a facial steam. Similarly to the previous treatment, begin with a 10‐minute steam – but this time, try using lavender essential oil. Known to have stress‐reducing and relaxing properties, this is ideal for giving you that ultimate at‐home spa experience.

For the treatment, you’ll need…
• 2 tablespoons plain yoghurt
• 1 tablespoon honey
• 1 tablespoon coconut oil
• 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Coconut oil is used in this treatment for its smoothing, anti‐bacterial properties. Plain yoghurt, similarly, fights bacteria but has added anti‐aging and pore‐tightening benefits. Honey has all the benefits of yoghurt, with additional moisturising properties that give the
skin a gorgeous glow; and finally, lemon juice has natural brightening effects on the skin to improve its radiance. Simply combine all ingredients in a bowl before applying to the face for 10‐15 minutes.

3. The Moisture‐Booster
Restoring moisture in the skin is nothing short of essential at this time of year, as it’s widely known that the cold weather has extreme drying effects on the skin.
For those with oily skin, try combining avocado, lemon and egg for an oil‐balancing effect. Being naturally beneficial to those whose skin produces excess oil, the mask retains softness and smoothness in the skin whilst enhancing its natural oils.

You’ll need:
• ½ tablespoon honey
• ½ tablespoon lemon juice
• ¼ avocado
• ½ egg white

Simply extract the lemon juice and egg whites and mash the avocado before mixing them together. Apply to the skin for 20 minutes.

For those with dry or combination skin, try mixing avocado, honey and orange for a moisturising and brightening effect.
You’ll need:
• 1 tablespoon honey
• ½ tablespoon fresh lemon juice
• ½ avocado

Filled with natural moisturisers, avocado is great for softening the skin – which, when combined with honey, provides the skin with the ultimate moisturising treatment. Simply combine mashed avocado with honey and fresh lemon juice, and apply to the skin. Leave for
20 minutes.

We hope you’ll give our DIY treatments a try during the festive season – and we look forward to welcoming you to Eden Hall Day Spa in the New Year!

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