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A Dreamy New Massage Launches at Eden Hall


There is no other word to describe the Spa Find Organiks Sleep Therapy Body Massage (new to Eden Hall) other than, dreamy! This treatment was absolutely divine and made me feel so relaxed, revitalised and reenergised afterwards!

Jade, my therapist asked me about my current concerns. I explained that I often get eczema flare-ups (particularly in winter months) and that I’m currently struggling with my sleeping pattern. Jade told me that this is the perfect treatment for me, as they use the 6 Oil Super Serum as the massage medium, and the Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks to massage with throughout the treatment. Both of these products are full of minerals that heal and soften the skin, and also help to improve sleep and relaxation patterns. Jade warmed the salt rocks in the cabbie ready for my treatment.

The treatment began with me lying on my back, face up looking at the beautiful star lights in the ceiling. Jade cleansed my hands and feet with a lovely warm pair of mitts. I could tell instantly that this was going to be complete and utter bliss!

Jade began a décolleté and neck massage using the 6-Oil Super Serum. I get a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck area, so this was an excellent way to begin the treatment. The movements were oh-so relaxing and a perfect pressure, I immediately felt my stresses & tension melt away with every move.

Next, my arms were massaged. Once Jade finished massaging using her hands, she removed the Himalayan Salt Rocks from the cabbie and used these to massage with too! They were so lovely and warm, I could feel myself starting to drift off!

When I finally woke up, I realised it was time to turn over! Jade made sure I was comfortable, and began to massage the back of my legs. The movements were totally relaxing and the most perfect pressure. She placed a lovely warm towel over each leg once it was massaged. This was extremely relaxing and comforting, I was completely zoned out!

My favourite part was next- the back massage! I felt like I was in heaven! The effects of the serum together with the soothing effects of the salt rocks made me go into my own little world! It really helped to relax my muscles and relieve my stresses and tension. A lovely hot towel was then placed on my back, and a heavenly scalp massage was performed. I really was in heaven!

This was by far one of the best treatments I have ever had! I left the room feeling unbelievably relaxed, but also re-energised! Plus, I got to keep the salt rocks to use them in the bath at home!


I can’t wait to have this treatment again!


Laura x



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