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You are what you eat – so eat well!


At Eden Hall Wellness is a large part of what we offer and Wellness comes in many forms and means many things to different people.
Each day we open our doors and the individuals that arrive all have their individual needs and expectations for the day. What is going to make one person leave the Spa feeling better is not necessarily going to work for others and the one size fits all approach is not the approach we like to take.
It’s true that there are many benefits both physically and mentally to both the active options available with our fully equipped gym and varied class timetable, plus some quality relaxing and destressing time away from everyday life is essential every now and again for us all and while we would love every day to be a Spa day this simply isn’t realistic for most of us and the benefits of spending everyday living your life by either of these options would soon become a negative.
When it comes to our food and drink offering we take the same approach here at Eden and try to cater for all needs while aiming to provide wellness to all.
As part of each Spa day your lunch is included. This is always healthy whether it be a nice heathy salad from the buffet or a nice healthy portion of what you fancy.
Every dietary requirement is catered for with a selection of homemade smoothies which can be supplemented with natural vitamin boosts, our wide range of botanical soft drinks based on recipes that past generations used for their medicinal properties, our indulgent ‘free from’ range plus our more indulgent range including our wide selection of cakes, ice creams and alcoholic drinks.
In order to dispel any guilt you may have about enjoying a few of these offerings, did you know the benefits associated with chocolate are that it is an antioxidant, it’s anti-inflammatory, can help prevent blood clots, helps blood vessel dilation, protects nerve cells, increases blood flow to the brain and regulates genes that control body weight .
Prosecco, on the other hand can be good for your heart, benefits your skin, has anti-ageing properties, is mood lifting, lowers the risk of diabetes and helps to fend off colds! What better excuse to have a glass?
So when it comes to your wellness, remember to treat your taste buds to a little of what they fancy as part of your spa day – whatever you decide we are here to make you feel better!

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