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Get Your Glow this Summer with a Little TLC From Finders


English Rose, pale and interesting or just plain pasty? However I try to flower it up, me and the sun just don’t mix.
And now I have a little girl who unfortunately has my pale skin too! We both need a super high factor sun screen when we’re out and about.
I am already a bit fed up of buying sun creams which are thick and sticky, sit on your skin with no intention of sinking in, turn the seams of your lovely white tops yellow and then when applied to your face, clog your pores and give you spots!
And I am sure many of you will understand the trauma of applying cream to a wriggling small person who is just desperate to get out of your clutches and go and play.
Recently our lovely Therapy Manager Sara recommended 2 products from Finders Dead Sea Spa Magik range 1. Sunsafe Clear Spray factor 50 2. Sunsafe Oil Free Facial Gel factor 50

They are both fab.
So, the spray is safe for all the family, spritzes on and sinks in – no frying eggs on your skin with this. I can spray my little one as she whizzes past me and know she has the highest protection possible. It is water resistant and can be used on the face and scalp too. One spritz gives great coverage so you don’t use a lot for an application.

The oil free gel can be used on its own or underneath make up to protect against the sun. Absolutely fab for taking on holiday or popping in your handbag. Again, there is no lingering residue and so far, no spots – and I have been using it for a good few days. The texture is lovely and your skin feels like velvet after use.
What is important to remember is that if you put this on and then apply lower SPF make up or moisturiser, this will be this level of protection you get, not the factor 50 from the face gel.

2 great products, 1 happy lady. Would definitely recommend.


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