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A Great Night’s Sleep With This Fabulous Serum


When I go to bed at night, it often takes me a while to nod off. My brain is still buzzing with things that I haven’t done around the house, or items that need adding to the shopping list – silly I know, but probably something we can all relate to. I always wake up in the night, sometimes just to turnover, other times to go to the toilet and when \i do wake, I find it hard to go back to sleep. When my alarms finally goes off, my head feels a little woolly, like I have been awake all night (7 hours sleep or not).

Eden’s beauty expert Laura recommended that I give March’s product of the month a go – Spa Magik Organiks Sleep Therapy 6-Oil Super Serum. She said that I should pop a few drops of the serum on to my pulse points before I go to bed. I thought this Super Serum was just for your skin, but no, I was very wrong.

After cleansing, toning and moisturising, I popped a few drops on my wrists, inner elbows and behind my ears before climbing into bed. I read a chapter of my book before my eyelids started to feel heavy and sleep was upon me. Although I woke in the night, sleep came again easily and, in the morning, I awoken feeling revitalised. Coincidence?
I repeated this ritual for a few nights. Each night I carried out my skincare routine before popping the Super Serum on my pulse points and climbing in to bed. Again, I awoke in the morning feeling like I have had great sleep.

I haven’t used the serum for the past couple of days. I’ve still read at night but have skipped this part of my new routine and I can tell. My sleep pattern has been the same as previous, but I have once again started to wake with a thick head in the morning.

If my sleep pattern sounds a little too familiar, then I would highly recommend trying the Spa Find Organiks 6-Oil Super Serum. It will be coming to bed with me tonight!

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