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Have You Multi-Masked Yet?


If you’re like me, one face mask will not sort all of your skin issues. I have quite dry cheeks but am prone to a few breakouts on my chin. A hydrating mask won’t do my chin any favours so what do I do? Apparently Multi-mask!


What is multi-masking?

It’s like paint by numbers but using masks instead of paint. By using different masks on each area of my face, it means that my skin concerns are treated individually. My cheeks get the hydrating boost they need whilst I can use a clay mask on my chin to decongest.

Clarins have created a new range of masks to compliment your current skincare routine. Plus, you can add your skin boosters for that extra lift to leave you looking your best. Just because I added the Energy Booster to my SOS Comfort mask, doesn’t mean that you’ll do the same, after all, our skin has different needs.


My multi-mask ritual.

This week my skin has been very hit and miss, possibly because I am tired and a little run down so I used SOS Comfort on my cheeks – designed to nourish and sooth, this balm mask with wild mango butter, it smells delicious. I used SOS Hydra on my forehead, with an immediate plumping effect and SOS Pure on my nose and chin to rebalance my oily skin. (Next week I may need to use SOS Pure on my T-Zone and miss out the SOS Hydra.)

I left the masks on for about 10 minutes whilst I pottered and removed with warm water and cotton wool. It was so easy. The masks don’t clog and stick to your skin like some can, they feel more like a cream and so wipe away easily leaving no residue.

I’m not a fan of masking but I was really surprised with the results. My skin looked brighter, smoother and more hydrated. I could actually feel the difference. The SOS Pure left my nose and chin tingling.

I went to see my mum a couple of hours after I had used the masks and she asked if I had been away. No, I said, why? Mum said that my skin looked glowing. Wow, I was really surprised that others had noticed a difference too.


Clarins SOS masks are now available at Eden.  Beauty experts are on hand to discuss your SOS mask cocktail – go on, give them a go!


Chrissy x

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