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Who needs green tea in a cup when you can have it as a treatment!


If you’re looking for a total detox after over-indulging during the festive period, then look no further! available as part of Eden’s Go Green Spa Day, this deeply detoxifying treatment will help to invigorate, detox and re-energise the body whilst leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.

My therapist Grace explained to me at the very beginning of the treatment that this would be an invigorating treatment that is designed to boost the system rather than a relaxing ‘float away’ experience. Great, I needed energising after all of the chocolate I’ve eaten over the Christmas break. My treatment began face down on the bed. Grace used hot mitts to wipe over the feet- which instantly made me feel at ease.

The left side of my body was uncovered. Green tea and coconut oil body polish was massaged thoroughly into the skin. This beautiful polish contains the greenest and most prestigious Matcha Green Tea which is a beautiful colour and has a heavenly scent. The sugar grains help to re-energise the skin, removing dead skin cells to allow silky, smooth new skin to shine through. This was then repeated on the opposite side of the body.

Once the scrub was removed with those lovely hot mitts, Grace then applied an invigorating natural massage oil first over my arms and legs before moving on to my back. This oil helps to ease muscle aches and pains, it’s also a great product for getting rid of tension headaches. A range of kneading movements were performed creating the perfect detoxifying massage!

I was turned over on the couch and treated to a front of body exfoliation and the wonderful uplifting oil was then applied.

Green Tea, White Tea and Mint leaves have all been combined to create a natural mud mask which is anti-oxidising and has anti-allergic properties. These ingredients help to fight against skin ageing. The Green Tea leaves contain theanine which is known to help drain toxins. This mask was applied all over and I was wrapped up, made to feel all snug! Grace then treated me to a relaxing scalp massage which nearly sent me to sleep.

Once unwrapped, the mask was removed, again with lovely hot mitts. A delicious moisturiser was massaged into my new silky soft skin. I asked Grace about the moisturiser and what the key benefits were. She said that the boutique moisturiser is rich in almond oil, has vitamin E and a potent antioxidant. This helps to keep the skin soft, supple and also helps irritated, agitated or sensitive skin.

I did love the Green Tea Wrap and would highly recommend it. This is not designed as a relaxing treatment, but if you have been a little naughty this Christmas and need a detox, then this is the perfect treatment!

Paige x


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