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Pure Relaxation That You Will Not Want To Miss!


Did you miss me? I’m back!

After nearly a year off on maternity leave, I am happy to be back doing what I love… I have just experienced 1 hour and 10 minutes of pure blissful relaxation from head to toe! Want to know more?
Clarins Beauty Sleep is a gorgeous new treatment that is being offered here at Eden Hall, something you definitely DO NOT want miss, it’s just WOW.

Hannah collected me from the waiting area and took me to her treatment room; as I entered, the sense of well-being just hit me. The room’s décor was beautiful and really set the ambiance, with star lights on the ceiling to a warm heated bed. Just listening to Hannah explain the treatment sent me into a daze. She asked me about skincare and sleep routine, into which I replied ‘my skin, I have a good routine, I look after my skin and with working in this industry helps. On the other hand I have a 1 year old nearly, that is very energetic and although she loves her sleep, this past year has been exhausting and I still feel sleep deprived’.

‘Today is all about you and your body. To ensure you feel more relaxed’.

Hot mitts infused with Clarins Fragrance Eau Ressourcante were used to cleanse my hands and feet. My therapist then did this lovely sequence which was a bit like a butterfly movement on my face; she was feeling the texture of my skin and doing her analysis, so she used the correct products for my skin, it felt lovely.

‘I’m going to awaken your senses to completely relax you so that you can enjoy your treatment. I want you to concentrate on your breathing and completely let go’ Whilst Hannah said this, she started to perform lovely sweeping movements to my decollate, face and then finishing with a scalp massage… I was completely relaxed.

Hannah then carried out a wonderful massage that was so endearing. She started with my left arm, stomach, right leg followed by left leg, feet, right arm working her way around my treatment bed in a figure of 8 until she finished on the décolleté. The layout of this treatment is pure relaxation, I was floating on a cloud with no care to the world.

A facial treatment was then carried out, full cleanse, tone, eye mask then the heavens opened when she started to do a facial massage. I forgot how much tension is released when working on the face it was oozing out of me and I was just feeling lighter & lighter. Finishing with a serum, eye cream & moisturiser.

This treatment was not over yet!
I was asked to lie on my side that is most comfortable when I go to sleep. I automatically rolled onto my right side, Hannah handed me a pillow to hug, it was fair to say I was as snug as bug… that’s for sure. She exposed my back and began a glorious back massage. This felt very satisfying; I could feel Hannah working on my tension and easing it away with her warming magic hands.
I was asked to turn back onto my back and do a big stretch as if I had just woken up! Hannah then did a closing ritual which just finished this treatment with perfection.

If I had to summarise this treatment in one sentence, I couldn’t. it is one of the best treatments I have had to date. Clarins have really thought about their clients and what their needs are to create this outstanding treatment. If you are sleep deprived, stressed or just want to zone and chill out from everything and everyone then this is perfect. You end the treatment full of confidence let alone the radiance that is beaming around the room. I already know I am going to sleep like a trooper tonight.

Goodnight world, sleep tight.
Paige x

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