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Rise and Shine With this NEW Clarins Treatment


It’s great coming back from maternity and getting to try all these new treatments- I’m feeling like a new woman!

Eden’s treatment of the month is Clarins Wellness RISE & SHINE. (last month I tried Clarins Wellness Beauty Sleep which was amazing, this treatment follows a similar ritual but leaves you feeling energised and ready to go!)

Kate led me through to her stunning treatment room where instantly i felt a sense of calmness. She explained the treatment to me and said it’s very similar to our new Sleep treatment, but this is working on a different sense of well-being.

Kate asked me various questions about my lifestyle and mood: How was I feeling on a day to day basis? When I wake up in the morning, was I feeling sluggish or ready to get up and go? Were my first thoughts of the day positive or negative? These questions did make me stop and think before replying that ‘it can vary really, sometimes I feel energised and awake & other times I don’t want to move I feel lethargic, tired & drained’. She then asked me if I was worrying about something? Was there anything playing on my mind that could interrupt my positive thinking when I first wake up? I did have to say that as a family, we’re going through a difficult time which I know is weighing me down. Kate was sorry to hear this but assured me that this treatment would help me to feel less sluggish, uplifted and full of positivity.

This followed the same routine as the Wellness Beauty Sleep ritual with just a few little differences; one being a water pillow under my head (this was amazing and so comfortable.) The products also differ, Kate used the Clarins Tonic range which leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

This treatment offers head-to-toe pampering, starting with a cleanse to the soles of the feet, body massage and a facial treatment. The tonic fills the treatment room and you can feel your mood lifting with every stroke.

At the end of the treatment I have to say I felt completely re-energised. I felt like I had just had a full good night’s sleep even though I managed to keep myself awake. Kate gave me some brilliant aftercare advice to help boost my mood and some good tips to carry this feeling on at home. She told me to go for a nice long walk or do some exercise weekly, because this helps to fuel the body and increases happy endorphins. It creates positivity and you’re left feeling good about yourself.

Think of a thing that makes you happy when you first wake up – this will help set a good mood for the rest of the day. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated & eating healthy nutritious foods.
Since having this treatment 2 weeks ago, I have followed Kate’s advice and I must say I am feeling pretty brilliant at the moment. I genuinely think if you think positively then positive things will happen.

This treatment isn’t a disappointment, it’s beautifully put together and you’re left feeling wonderful with a more positive outlook on things at the end… isn’t that what we all want?

Paige x

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