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Say Hello to Kissable Skin


I love our product of the month. Nothing compares to the amount of moisture this locks into your skin and it’s my go-to moisturiser as we say goodbye summer and hello winter.

CLARINS MOISTURE-RICH BODY LOTION my skin saviour. When the weather changes, so does my skin. I find that as soon as the heating comes on at home, my skin starts to dry out and needs some TLC. Using this product makes my skin happy! I apply every day without fail and cover all areas. Not only does this lotion smell delightful, it also leaves my skin radiant.

Clarins have got it just right. The Moisture-Rich lotion is jam packed with delicious ingredients that help to replenish, soothe and comfort the skin and helps minimise the signs of ageing caused by environmental factors e.g. Sun, cold, heat & air conditioning! and it contains Shea Butter to naturally remove dead skin cells – no wonder my skin is always glowing.

Give it a go, I know you’ll love it too.

Paige x

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