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Sleep Well with our Product of the Month


It’s that time of year where I reach for my Spa Magik Organiks Sleep Therapy 6 Oil Super Serum again. If you haven’t used it before, then I highly recommend it. We love it at Eden. Beauty expert Laura has showcased it as her product of the month previously.

A perfect blend of 6 skin-rejuvenating oils; this Super Serum from the Spa Magik Organiks range really is a must-have. Whilst it works its magic on your skin, it also brings a sense wellbeing, making it easier for even the lightest of sleepers to switch off.

Myself and Paige use this product in completely different ways – that’s the beauty of this unique 6-oil blend.

Paige uses the serum morning and night as it restores radiance to her skin and adds hydration to quench the dryness. It’s also anti-ageing so helps to keep fine lines at bay. She just applies a few drops to her skin before popping on her daily moisturiser.

I apply the serum onto pressure points (behind my ears, temples and wrists) in the evening to help relax after a long day at work. Its tranquil blend of lavender induces relaxation and helps promote a good night’s sleep. After applying just a few drops, I find it really easy to unwind and switch off. I’m a light sleeper and I feel I get a much better night’s sleep with I use this amazing serum.


Not only is the 6-oil Super Serum great for hydrating the skin, it’s also amazing for dry hair and nails. Simply apply a few drops onto the scalp and brush through to the ends of your hair (I do it before I go to sleep) and wash it out the next day for maximum results. You can also put a few drops through the ends of your hair before or after blow-drying to give it beautiful hydration and shine.

For your nails, put one drop on each cuticle and massage in daily to promote shine and growth. It really helps with dry nail plates. – It’s a great treat for my nails after I’ve removed my gels.

Why do we love 6-oil Super Serum so much? It can be used throughout your whole daily routine, from top to toe to hydrate and nourish, and it helps calm the sense and relax the body.

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