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Sleep Well with this Fabulous Massage


Wow! The Spa Magik Organiks Sleep Therapy Body Massage is a post-Christmas must have!!

After the seasonal festivities I was sooo tired, I felt like I needed a 2-week holiday to the Maldives! Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so instead, I opted for the wonderful Sleep Therapy Body Massage in the hopes that it would bring me deep relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

It did not disappoint! My therapist, Tracy was fabulous! She collected me from the waiting area and took me into her treatment room. I immediately felt relaxed and at ease. There was a lovely aroma from the oils and the dimmed lights really gave the room a relaxing feel, it made me feel sleepy straight away! After discussing the treatments and my needs, I climbed onto the warm couch and under the blankets.

The ceiling had lights that looked like stars, it was beautiful and dreamy. As the heat from the couch warmed my skin, I could feel my eyes starting to close. I knew this was going to be good!
Tracy started the treatment by cleansing my hands and feet with some lovely warm mitts. What a way to start. The 6-Oil Super Serum was applied to my décolleté and neck, and was massaged in slow, deep movements, focusing on my pulse points and tension areas. I felt myself melting into the couch!

Tracy then massaged my arms and included the wonderful Himalayan Salt Rocks at this point. These magically appeared from the heated cabbie, so they were ever so lovely and warm! The heat of the rocks helped the 6-Oil Super Serum and the minerals to penetrate deeper into the layers of my skin, and within a few minutes, I drifted off! The wonderful smell of lavender and the properties of the minerals helped to ease me into my sleep. Absolute Bliss!

The next time I opened my eyes, was when Tracy gently woke me, to turn me over onto my front. Once I was comfy again, she began the massage on my legs. After she massaged each leg, she put a warm towel over them. This was heaven! The warmth was very soothing, and I felt myself drifting off again!

I woke up from my slumber, sadly to the treatment being over. This massage was amazing and made me feel sooo relaxed and ready for a great night’s sleep!
If you struggle to get to sleep, or wake up multiple times in the night, then this is the perfect massage for you!

Can’t wait for the next one!

Laura x

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