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When ELEMIS first introduced the New Life Elixirs, I was so excited! It’s something completely new and out of the ordinary to what they normally produce. When we got the whole range into the shop there was one oil that just stood out from the rest to me.

Clarity. WOW what a game changer this is! First, I smelt, then I purchased. I was hooked instantly and could not wait to use the oil in my bath. I used 3 capfuls that night. I laid back in the lovely water, closed my eyes and inhaled the beautiful aroma that filled the whole room. I soaked in the bath for, what seemed like forever. It was bliss.

The benefits of the Clarity Bath & Shower Oil were just what I needed for my lifestyle, I felt this suited me the most. Clarity is about clearing the mind and invigorating your sense of self. When things sometimes get a little much and you need to just breathe and refocus. The Bath & Shower Oils are full of essential oils which help to sharpen concentration. Whether it is in the morning or the evening, you’ll still reap the rewards the oils have to offer.

Once I stepped out the bath my mood had completely changed. I felt very uplifted and refocused ready to take on the next day. I was very surprised at how something can literally change your whole mood and the effects I felt. I made the right decision and was very happy with my purchase.

Just so you’re aware, you can use the Bath & Shower Oil in the shower. Just apply the oil over your body before entering the shower. Elemis also launched a Perfume Oil (which will be my next purchase!!!) and a Candle to complement each of the Life Elixir Oils. There are 5 different scents that are all equally as beautiful, but there will be one that stands out to you.

If you haven’t experienced the power of Life Elixirs already, you really should as you won’t be disappointed. More importantly… you need to take that time out for you!

Paige x

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