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The Power of Peptide


I am a huge fan of the ELEMIS’ Peptide4 range, so when I heard that ELEMIS were launching a facial using these gorgeous products, I put my name down on the list to be the first to experience it.
With the recent weather having been so hot, a good night’s sleep had been hard to come by. When I had my facial the temperature was a whopping 34 degrees and heading to therapy I wondered whether I would enjoy the PEPTIDE 24/7 SKIN SYNC facial, but my treatment room was the perfect side of cool, the bed was comfy, and the lighting was just right.
My therapist Jaymee talked me through the treatment layout before I climbed onto the couch and under a towel. Familiar Peptide4 products were dripped through – Thousand Flower Mask, Hydra-Eye Mask and Pumping Pillow. I couldn’t wait for the treatment to start.
My eyes and lips were cleansed before my whole face was cleaned with Pro-Radiance Cleanser. The coolness of the products on my skin felt amazing.
Next came something that I wasn’t expecting and if I could only have one part of this treatment again, this would be it – a face and eye massage. Wow. Jaymee used her fingers to firmly massage around my eye area, pushing into the corners of the sockets and sliding up and over my brow and into a figure of eight across each eye. The massage was like nothing I have experienced before.
Hydra-Gel Eye Masks and the Thousand Flower Mask was then applied and Jaymee treated me to a scalp massage. It was at this point that I thought ‘I need this. Why have I waited so long to take an hour out of my busy schedule just for me?’ I was that relaxed I couldn’t figure out whether my head was resting on the pillow or whether Jaymee was holding it in her hands whilst massaging.
The masks were removed, and Plumping Pillow Facial was applied – super cooling, it’s designed to plump, replenish and rehydrate. Whilst this was working its magic, my hands and arms were massaged.
This treatment was completed with an application of Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream and Adaptive Day Cream.
How do I feel? Totally refreshed.
How does my skin look? Amazing. A have that ‘just woken up’ glow and it feels softer and smoother.

If there’s one thing I’m going to treat myself to on a monthly basis, it’s this facial.

And if this isn’t reason enough to try this gorgeous treatment, we are offering 20% discount if you experience it during August 2019.

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