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After This Treatment, Both Feet Are My Best!


This month’s treatment of the month is NEW to Eden – ELEMIS’s Best Foot Forward.

My legs and feet had a well-deserved pampering. I’ll be honest with you, I’m terrible when it comes to exfoliating and moisturising, I’m always in too much of a rush. Yet I look after my face very well.

This treatment was just what I needed. My therapist Anita talked me through what would happen throughout and the difference I would see after a good scrub and pampering. She then left me to get comfortable on the couch, snuggled under towels and blankets. Anita wrapped me up leaving my legs (from my knees) and feet exposed.

She used hot mitts and gently press and touched the soles of my feet. The warmth just travelled through me giving my body a lovely warm glow. I closed my eyes and relaxation kicked in. Anita started using a warm milk bath with an exfoliator. She really worked this into my skin covering my legs and feet. I don’t know why but I just love the feel of the grittiness against my skin when being exfoliated, it was so nice & again very relaxing. After having both legs scrubbed, they were wrapped like parcels and my arms were treated to an exotic moisturising mask before I had a most amazing scalp massage! – I must say I can’t remember much after this… (I think I that I might have visited the land of nod at this point, I was so relaxed).

What seemed like all too quickly, it was time for my treatment to come to an end. I was completely blown away by the results. My body felt so light and I couldn’t bring myself to get off the bed. My legs and feet felt so silky and smooth giving them a great shine. This is just what I get me kick started into looking after by skin better at home. The results were amazing (as Anita had promised). My skin felt and looked so beautiful.

*Great treatment- would definitely have it again.

Paige x

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